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Each year thousands of people come to East Lake in hopes of catching the new Oregon State record German Brown Trout. All methods of fishing can be productive in East Lake for trophy German Brown Trout; however some are more effective than others based upon the time of year, upon weather conditions, and water conditions. East Lake freezes over each year and usually begins to melt in mid-May.The south shore of the lake always has some open water due to the hot springs and this is the first area of the lake that the ice recedes.

The fish have been held captive by a ceiling of ice for over six months, any open water for them is like ringing the dinner bell. Ice off is one of the best times of the year to target trophy German Brown Trout as they are cruising the shoreline and along the ice edge seeking baitfish or anything else in the water that they can get their mouth on.

Casting or trolling plugs, such as Rapala’s, LuckyCraft, Rebels, AC Plugs, and Trophy Sticks is the most productive method in catching these large predatory fish. Using gel scents or oil scents such at ProCure TrophyTrout or Rainbow Trout on your hard plugs is also very effective. Spring is also one the best time of year to catch fish from shore. Using bait, either nightcrawlers on the bottom or casting plugs or spoons is the most popular way to fish from the bank. As the ice melts and the water warms up, German Browns become more wary and nocturnal. Trolling early morning or late evening at depths up to 50’ becomes the only way to catch them once the heat and long days drive them to the deepest part of the lake. Many trophy trout hunters troll the slot of water that separates the deep water from the shoal areas utilizing electronic fish finders and downriggers. As autumn approaches and the water turns cold, trophy Brown Trout can once again be seen cruising the shorelines looking for feed.

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