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Best Fishing Story of the Year

It is a new season and time to start a new record for biggest fish of the year. Tell us about your catch.
Friday, May 11, 2007

East Lake Resort is one of the finest and most traditional fisheries in Oregon. Each season it produces Brown Trout over 10 pounds. The lake record is a 22-1/2 pound Brown, which is displayed in the cafe. Rainbow Trout are the mainstay, being brought in using all techniques: trolling, still-fishing, wet and dry fly fishing, and casting. There are many effective techniques for catching lake fish, and our knowledgeable staff at the store can tell you what the fish are currently biting.

By 1916, a road of sorts existed to East Lake, and Brook trout were stocked in addition to Rainbows. In November of 1925, Brook trout were seined from East Lake for egg collection. The Fish and Wildlife Department built a cabin on the southwest shore that year that headquartered seining operations until the forties. Rainbow trout have been stocked in East Lake every year since 1912, and are the predominate catch. Rainbows do not reproduce in East Lake, but Brook trout may have done some shore spawning.

East Lake is a perfect lake for fly fishing. It has a weed bed that more or less circles the lake and has an abundant fish population that love to eat the bugs in these weed beds. If you know the basics of fly fishing, you can have a blast at East Lake. An average fly fisherman with average skills is going to catch somewhere between 30-70 fish a day from a float tube or boat. A person that has never even seen a fly rod will more than likely catch 10-15 his first day out.

Dwight & CynthiaWednesday, June 06, 2007

The new website is awesome, we will be arriving in three weeks and can hardly wait. The concise and updated fishing report is a bonus.

Andrew, Julie and 4 kidsTuesday, June 12, 2007

Nice updated site, its great to be able to book the RV sites at all times.With the RV upgrades, do we hear full hookups again soon?

Interested RV'erTuesday, June 12, 2007

When you click on the RV site, you show all the same photos? Will you update the specific photo's for the site being referenced?

Dan Jones (Webmaster)Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thank you for all of the encouraging comments! We are aware that the pictures of RV sites, cabins, and surrounding area do not clearly represent the beauty that exists at East Lake. We have plans to update many of the pictures on the website as soon as we start moving into warmer weather and when time permits. Also, later this season (stay tuned!) we will be launching reservations for RV sites, moorage, and pontoon boats.

Rick, Robin and 3 kidsWednesday, June 27, 2007

Great new web site. We wil be spending our annual week at East Lake starting July 29th - looking forward to great weather and some great fishing.

Greg McManusFriday, August 17, 2007

Last Saturday I was fishing with my brother in law Phil and my 8year old son Parker. Phil hhoked a big brown on a nymph. While he was fighting it, Parker hooked a fish. Phil asked me to grab the net, so I put my 15 year old Sage down and grabbed the net. Parker yelled, "Dad, your rod"!!! We watched as a hooked fish pulled my rod out of the boat, and the rod sunk down in the lake. Phil's fish broke off. As Parker reeled in his fish, we could see a fly line hooked onto his bottom fly. I unhooked his brown off the top fly, and then grabbed the fly line off of the bottom fly. I then pulled in my Sage in one hand and a 16" brown on my fly with my other hand. No one back at the cabins would have believed us had it not been for Parker's enthusiasm in telling the story. Just another normal day of fishing on EAST LAKE!!!

MikeMonday, December 31, 2007

Looking forward to the 2008 season!

Jon NelsonSaturday, March 01, 2008

Dave and Kathy provide the best accomodations in the country. This resort has provided me with the best vacation for the past few years. I come up every Fathers Day with my daughter for a week of relaxing and fishing. It can't be beat, no matter what you spend. See you in June!

Dwight & CynthiaThursday, May 22, 2008

We will be arriving in late June for 10 days this year. It is always a wonderful experience for us, a truly beautiful lake and Cynthia catching those unbelievable brown and rainbow trout. Dave & Kathy you and your staff do a great job. See you soon, but not soon enough.

Steve B, BendSunday, June 01, 2008

I have fished East Lake many times and caught the four major species - Browns, Rainbows, Atlantics and Kokanee, but yesterday was a first for me - hooking into several Cutthroat. I have not seen any reference anywhere to East having cutthroat trout in it but these were definitely cutts - photographic evidence to prove it. Anybody else caught Cutthroats there ?

Tom PriceFriday, June 27, 2008

Wow have not heard of the cutts in East would love to see the pics. Was up June 19th in the evening and caught 6 browns 20-23" in 3 hours of fishing all were 20-25 feet down

JakeFriday, February 20, 2009

East Lake Resort is my favorite place to lodge when we come to central Oregon. Dave & Kathy are the best, the food is superb, the whole staff is quite delightful and helpful. We look forward to many great trips to the East Lake Resort. The fishing was phenominal with 52 browns in a couple day span and 2 over 10 pounds within 24 hours. You can't beat that. Thanks to Rick Arnold for the informative fishing posts, it really helped us get into those big boys. My uncle's good friend Todd Richardson caught that big 22 on the wall there and has been firing me up about the fishery, now I know what it is all about. What a great place with great people!!!

Rob Bonacker Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love Eastlake my friend Lee and i go every tear we have caught lots of fish One day it was snowing and very cold my friend Lee went too the dock and threw his line in and it couldnt have been more than 30 seconds and he caught a 4 to 5 pound brown trout i was very amazed we will be back in 2009

C CranfordSunday, June 06, 2010

Still snow on the road coming from China Hat side. Got a little stuck trying to get to the lake. Won't be there for much longer.

Mike WildeWednesday, July 14, 2010

Great place and had fun. I wasted my money on a bait you recommended to my son and I (Trophy Stick). For the price I thought it would have lasted longer, but it cracked. I will return it next time I am up your way. Your food was great! My son caught an awesome 5 pound brown on a rapala. What a fishery you have in a great setting too.

NoahTuesday, May 08, 2012

Great Lake and there are a lot of fish in there. One piece of advice I would give is not to buy Trophy Sticks. I purchased 3 of them and they all fell apart or cracked. Thank you for your hospatality.

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